Thursday, May 7, 2009

Bullied 4 being Gay

Skorpion reacts to the Oprah Show Yesterday Oprah show on "Bullied to Death" open alot of old memories 4 alot gay men in this country and i am including myself Having 2 grow up and hear SISSY. FAGGOT. is a very hurtful thing to a young man ego being taunted on a daily basis. I got bullied 3 grade thru 6 grade after that i was good then i got ridcucled by my family from 18 to 20 until i took a stand and said ENOUGH WAS ENOUGH. I had enough of the tourtue luckily i have a strong mind and will power to deal wit it. Below Skorpion talks about the show.

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The Doc said...

Andre, the unfortunate things are 1) some of us aren't lucky enough to get thru the bullying and taunts with our lives in tact and 2) some of us aren't strong enough to endure and grow from the experience. Like you, I was called the names and I had to endure the things we all do. I'm thankful that I'm much stronger and wiser through it all. My prayer is that I can help somebody who may be journeying that road now. Be well my brother.