Sunday, July 12, 2009

Terrell Carter Response to the Critics

The video is courtesy of Anthony Antoine McWilliams friend of Andresflava and ATL resident who was at the play on yesterday evening.

Terrell Carter is currently in Atlanta taking part in stage play "The Lost Son" and during the play he had a scene where he had to sing "Never Would Have Made" regardless of the fact of how you feel about the man he is indeed a very talented man and does have a promising career. He is to the future looking up and bright for him. who knows maybe in the near future he will address it for those of us in the community we were already well aware of his lifestyle. But as the old saying goes whats done in the dark will come to light. I hate, hate MESSY FOLKS and that Alex Cortez the ex boyfriend of Terrell Carter is MESSY BITTER DRAMA QUEEN that needs to sit down and shut up. THE GAYS I TELL U! UGGH.

Terrell Carter was also appears as "Raheim" on the revised covers for B-Boy Blues, 2nd Time Around, If Only For One Nite, and The Day Eazy-e Died was apparently outed by his ex this week. Life is truly stranger than fiction-that courtesy of legendary author James Early Hardy via his Facebook.


Unknown said...

I just cant take all them runs honey! ugh!

algie said...

what a talent.god is gonna take care of terrell and his ex will get his sooner than expected for god don't play that lol