Sunday, July 19, 2009

Day 3- Miami Beach Bruthaz- DL Chronicles and Fashion Show

From the Desk of King in Miami
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Well, we are entering the last and final day of Miami Beach Bruthaz. And boy, I took alot of pictures and videos yesterday, so give me a minute to add a few. Yesterday's events included a private screening of DL Chronicles. In addition the highly anticipated MBB Fashion Show and After Party. Check out the videos and pictures to get a grasp of all that happened on Day 3.

I only had one gripe about Day 3 and that is regarding the Fashion show. I am a stickler on punctuality, especially when you tell your guests that they will not be seated after the show starts if they are late. So if that is that case, why was the Fashion show late in starting. There were quite a few angry people in line around me and they were making their opinions be known, so MBB just need to tighten up on that. However, the rest of the show including the red carpet photography and videos went off without a hitch. The show eventually started and was off the chain. Every seat was full and became standing room only as more MBB guests, South Beach locals, and out-of-town guests, came in to check out this incredible fashion show. The models, the music, and fashions were all on point. There was very little lull in the action and the fashion show went very smoothly. I attended the MBB fashion show last year at Halo lounge, which was nothing compared to this year's. MBB definitely stepped up their game and raised the bar for all remaining LGBT fashion shows this year. Kudos to Ian and his staff.

Check out Andres Flava tomorrow for final day coverage of Miami Beach Bruthaz '09.

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