Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Michael Jackson Memorial Service 7.7.09

Yesterday from 10am until 4pm was a very gut wretching and emotional time as I watched CNN and witness the funeral of the "King of Pop" as I had my cell in my hand I corresponded wit friends via twitter and facebook who too were indeed emtionally.

This was a great send off and the entire memorial was well put together. From Lionel Richie singing "Jesus is Love" to Stevie Wonder "I Never Dream You Leaved in Summer" to the very pregnant and beautiful Jennifer Hudson singing "Will You Be There" to Revernard Al Sharpton very vocal speech for once he actually made sense " There was nothing strange about michael but what he had to deal with was strange" to Shelia Lee Jackson thte Ro ep from Tx had a good speech as well. John Mayer Instrumental tribute via guitar to "Human Nature" was excellent. To Jermaine Jackson God I don't know how he had the strength and courage to stand up and sing but he sang michael all-time fave song "smile" which was amazing! Usher brought the house down with an very emotional tribute singing "Gone Too Soon" Then came up Britian sensation Shasheen Jafargholi belting out "Who Loving You" then in the end everyone came on stage and sang "We Are The World" after that Marlon Jackson spoke and brought tears to everyone but what did it was me was when Michael daugther Paris spoke and after I was no good.

I did forget to mention Mariah and Trey Lorenz opening the memorial singing "I'll Be There" which Mariah didn't do such a good job but she did later admit via twitter that she was very emotionally and was sorry she didn't give her all. Brooke Sheilds also spoke and gave a emotional speech about her and michael as a couple in his early years.

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