Friday, January 28, 2011

Noah's Arc cast asks 4 your help 2 bring Noah's Arc Back to LOGO

Are you gay? Did Noah's Arc help you come out?

Did Noah's Arc help you come to terms with your gay son or daughter?

Were you homophobic before watching the show? Did it change your ideas and attitudes about gay people?

The brass at MTV and LOGO are considering putting Noah and the gang back on the air, but they won't do it without a show of support. Fortunately, some good samaritans have put together this Facebook page where you can share your experiences, memories and thoughts about the show. The more authentic, the more heartfelt, the better the chances that the powers that be will wake up and hear our cries! So post on the wall and share your feelings with the world.

This is our moment, and it would mean a lot to me personally if you took the time to contribute.¬if_t=group_r2j

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