Saturday, January 8, 2011

How Will Season 2 of Anacostia the web series end ??

Wow so we saw the release of episode 9 last night and wow it has indeed left me speechless once again and wondering what the hell will happen in the season 2 finale which will air in 2 wks. Well i just got my hands on a 30 sec teaser and it may help u hopefully put together what to expect  in the 30 minute finale. Yes u read correct 30 mins. Well i was able to get some leaked info on the finale episode, in the first 5 minutes of the finale their will be an emotional and shocking death that you wont expect to happen. Also the title will be called "And Justice For All" It will be an explosive episode where nothing is what it seems. But good news for Drew fans Sean's love interest in season 1 while Julian was "dead" will reprise his role in Season 3 as Drew.  So can we say love triangle in Season 3 maybe depending upon how the season finale ends because if you remember in episode 9 Sean was kidnapped at the end. 
Also think about this:
How will Season 2 End:
One will be arrested
One will reveal a master plan
One will have a life changing decision to make
Two will be responsible for a shocking death
One will feel helpless
One will discover a deadly secret

 Below is the Teaser:

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