Monday, January 10, 2011

Actor Darryl Stephens Gets "RAW"

We all know Darryl Stephens as he played Noah in the hit LOGO series Noah's Arc as well as in various films such as Boy Culture and Another Gay Movie.  Darryl is in a new HIV/AIDS campaign entitled "RAW" through the AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) that is getting alot of buzz at the moment.

Stephens explains the importance of intimacy when deciding to share his body sexually with a partner.

"For me not hooking up is just as much about my need to connect with someone on an intimate level if I'm being physically intimate with them. It's as much about that as it is about me needing to be honored and my body needing to be respected. And if I'm having sex with people who I don't know then I'm not honoring my own why would I expect you to honor my body."

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