Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Drama Dupree ASKS WHY??? & KISS'ing Sessions PSAs

Blogger friend Drama Dupree of   hasnt done a youtube video in over 3 months and i am so happy he is back and back with an great HIV/AIDS PSA entitled "Why?" get into the video below

Knowing is better than not knowing. When you know better, you do better. Know your status.

Also check out Drama Dupree and Sir Daniel on for their mid-day radio show and check out 

Also finally Drama Dupree is apart of the AID Atlanta new project through the Evolution project entitled the "Kissing Session"

KISS'ing Sessions are a great way to connect with other black gay men outside of the bars, clubs, and hook-up sites. Sign up for a session and have a real conversation with other young men so you can talk about the issues you face dating and forming relationships. If you're "over" the men in Atlanta? Newly single? This is the group for you. If you just got into a new relationship and you're having issues talking to your partner? This is the group for you. If you're somewhere in between? This is the group for you. Call in and RSVP today. Participants will receive free dinner and a $10 giftcard. For more information email: or call 404.981.8976.

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