Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Special Report: Two Club Bois in Miami? WTF?

From the Desk of King in Miami
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As reported earlier, Club Boi has decided to revamp and relocate. But hold up! Your eyes are not decieving you. That flyer does say "We are Not Relocating.." You are looking at an actual flyer I saw over the weekend at a local hotspot. What the hell is going on, over at Club Boi? Are you serious? Two clubs bearing the "Boi" name? Well I had to dig a little deeper to see what is really going on. And, looking at the flyer, I have a strange feeling this one might get a little ugly.

From a confidential source, it seems Club Boi management is at odds with each other. Part of Club Boi management wants to stay at it's current location on NW 79th St & 7th Ave in the hood, and the other part (as reported) wants to do something different and move to the 79th St Causeway location; which I applaud. If you ever been to the current Club Boi location, the area is not the best; I know this from experience after having my car broken into while inside Boi. The new location, however in a very nice area of Miami called North Bay Village, is kind of out of the way. for most. And considering, Boi 2.0 has decided to make the club 21+ only, will reduce their clientele. I guess those of you who have complained about the young jetsetting queens in the middle of the dance floor, will not have to contend with that, for very much longer. Or maybe you will, they will just be a little bit older this time around. LOL.

I really don't know how to call this one. Club Boi has been around for many years now, and it seems this next episode, might tear both clubs down, the old and new. Me and several friends spent several minutes arguing about if Boi was closed for good Everyone is confused. Some people are even saying there is no more Club Boi. A new location is basically like starting over for a club, regardless of the name. Its a true gamble and very risky!

Club Boi Miami, Boi 2.0, Vault Miami (which is supposed to switch over to a girls night on Saturdays soon) Twist, Diskotekka, are the really the only true party spots on Saturdays in Miami. All I can say, is someone is going down. Unfornately unlike Atlanta, New York City, and DC, we dont have a HUGE black gay population to support all of these venues. Also given the fact, Diskotekka and Twist does not cater to predominantly black crowds. But we shall see which one bites the dust first.

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BOi said...

If you dig deeper, you will see the official CLUB BOI website ( and mailing list are still up and running. Club BOi HAS officially moved, and revamped. This is a simple case of one of the 3 owners refusing to leave, and a (greedy) attempt on his part to keep things going at the old address "as is".