Sunday, March 7, 2010

Club Boi Madness & the Final UPDATE

We here at andresflava have been tryin to get the story straight on what the hell is really goin on behind the scence down in Miami at Club Boi and all the surrounding drama! I personally reached out to Dias and Dj Gavin T and asked for clarity and a statement as to what was really goin on and below is what they had to say also enslosed is the press released send to us as well.

Hi Andre:

I have to say thank you for the fine work you have done so far covering the story. Your assessment of the situation is correct. DJ Gavin T and I will be running the new location BOi 2.0. You can still reach us at as we are the sole owners of Club BOi. In the spirit of fairness, it was important that Peter was given an opportunity to pursue his dream. He decided to use the name Club Boi Miami, in-order to retain a bit of the original concept and identity.

As I mentioned in my press release, Club Boi is not a location. It is a movement. It is about people and how they are treated and the music and the way it makes you feel. It cannot be duplicated. You will have an opportunity to experience it March 13th.

Our reasons for this move was outlined in the press release. We have had many challenges at our previous location. Many have complained and even stopped patronizing our establishment not because they were dissatisfied with the service, but solely because of the area. Gavin and I have always had a vision for ourselves and our future. We wanted more and to do more for so many who have stuck with us over the years. It was a vision that Peter never shared.

We wish him all the best. Continue the great work and get yourself ready for BOi 2.0, the second phase in our evolution.

Best Regards,


Press ReleaseHello Everyone:

From 2002, Club Boi the movement delivered the best in music by legendary DJ Gavin T. Despite it’s location called “The Hood”, thousands came to “bump and grind” to the sounds pulsating from the speakers; some came to chill and net work with the staff; while other flocked to express themselves in a way not permitted elsewhere.

The Club Boi concept was designed and developed to facilitate a diverse audience. Reggae and Soca music was and continues to be a major staple; with an infusion of hip-hop, R&B, old school, and disco. As time progressed, the addition of another house DJ Dias, introduced Tribal house, salsa, Reggaeton and meringue to the line up.

Throughout the changes, there is one constant. The key to our success is always to focus on delivering excellence in customer service. When you entered the doors, you felt quite at home with a smile, hug and lots of shout-outs from the DJ’s. With all the positives came lots of challenges:

Parking was a major issue for many; cars were being broken into, towed or stolen.
The area was not the most welcoming with the constant parade of panhandlers and prostitutes.
The patron that frequent the straight strip club next door, were intimidating to many.
Our space was limited with no growth potential.
The A/C system was always a constant source of contention keeping the space extremely hot.

Our new location comes with new found hope and promise. We can now offer our patrons:

Secured valet parking in our own private parking lot.
A classy and upscale environment that is as welcoming on the interior as it is on the exterior.
Non-smoking on the interior; provisions made on the front patio for those who wish to smoke.
More space for net-working, dancing and lounging with two (2) dance floors, VIP area, and social meeting area.
A cool and comfortable atmosphere with central air conditioning.
A more mature and responsible clientele that is 21 and over.

Change is never easy; however, it is necessary for growth. Re-inventing oneself adds spark, intrigue and keeps people attentive and focused. DJ Gavin T and I decided the time was right to break away from all the struggles that plagued the club experience and address them head on. “BOi 2.0” is our answer to all the Challenges we faced in the past. It is a place that we can finally present to you as our home; a place we are truly proud of. Club Boi was never about just the location. It was a combination of belonging to something thrilling and exciting and discovering the joy of being oneself.

DJ Gavin T and I cannot control the actions of those who try to cling, and claim credit for work done by others. We cannot dictate how they conduct their business; all we can hope is that in the eyes of fairness and respect, the intimidating and manipulating tactics be put aside while we focus on what is important; which is “giving the people of South Florida a black owned establishment that we can be proud of”.

Make no mistake, BOi 2.0. is the only place for a guaranteed good time. Get ready for your walk on the red carpet. The paparazzi will be waiting along with DJ Gavin T and DJ Dias. You can still reach us by visiting where you will get all the up to date information on what is happening.

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