Wednesday, March 24, 2010


From the Desk of King in Miami
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So what now….my life as a promoter has not only helped to get my life back in order, but has also opened up some other doors in the process. The promoting at the Vault has gone so well, that I was asked by a good friend of mine who is a designer in Atlanta to promote his fashion show which will take place in the Midwest this week. (I am here now! Will post pics soon!) I successfully promoted his open casting call and am now working on promoting the show. I will actually be traveling to the Midwest to promote and attend the show this week. Then I have an associate who has seen my promotion’s work in action, and wants to go into business and throw a once a month party. And he wants me to promote it for him. I guess the next step will be to open up my own club, which lately I have been seriously debating. A lot of my close friends have been whispering in my ear that this would be a great move for me. They have alot of confidence in me. I admit the promoting has gone extremely well. And I am now branching out to do some bigger events, not just the weekly stuff. I working with the Vault now to get the Vault involved in the Winter Music Conference 2010. We will have secured 3 NYC’s Djs and our resident DJ, Blaze for Soul Unleashed. This event has been a logistical nightmare, and I have spent close to 1000 dollars on this event, so far, to make it happen. So I have a lot riding on it. I am excited because this is the next step. My next big event will be in the fall, you will be hearing more about that soon.

My Life as a Promoter has been a rocky one but an exciting wild ride. It has given my life back the focus it lacked since my brother’s dead. It has expanded my job opportunities and possibilities. A lot of people have taken notice of how successful I have been, even the straight clubs and a few event planners. I think pretty soon I will be hanging up my promotion sandals and taking a vacation. Promoting has left me feeling a little bit bruise. Maybe it’s me, maybe it’s not. My relationship with the owners I feel has become a little bit strained as well. I love them both as brothers, and I treat them as such. But like most sibling relationships, sometimes they piss you off for doing stupid little things that irritate you. But I still love them the same. I have seen the Vault grow. And I can’t help but feeling that this success had a little something to do with me. Like I told the owners in the beginning, I am here for you, which is weird to say. I have been with these guys since the beginning. Maybe lately, I have feeling a little bit underappreciated. I think one day I will take them on the wild ride I go through each week, when promoting their events. It can be fun, but it is a lot of work. Behind the scenes, I have spent countless hours and A LOT of money to make things happen. And promoting has made me a much more socialable person with all the contact I have with visitors to Miami and local patrons.

As a promoter, it seems I am in constant party mode. A party, that doesn’t want to end. I bring a lot of business to Vault, which is my job. From my MySpace page to my daily conversations with my friends, it’s all about Vault. Lamar, where are you going this weekend….Bitch you know I will be at Vault, is my response. I think the owners don’t realize that at times, but for a year now it really has been about making their business a success. The last year, at least for me, has been strictly about the Vault. Like I said earlier, they are new to game, however I am not. From establishing their email and text list to giving them ideas on different promotions and advise. The constant text and calls especially over the weekend, about the cover charges, bottle specials, and so on. Even during Thanksgiving, while I was in the cold and freezing in the Midwest, I was working for Vault. Phone ringing off the hook, about the South Florida Circuit party and their events. Saturdays will continue be the thorn in my side for a couple more weeks, then who knows. But the past year as a promoter has been an experience I wouldn’t take back for the world.

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