Thursday, October 29, 2009

"THIS IS IT" Movie Review

Guest Blogger Azarro reviews Michael Jackson's "This Is It Movie so check out his review below and make sure you go see this movie you have 2 weeks!

The tragic lost of the "King of Pop" in June has had many fans left in disbelief Including the alleged heavy drug use and rehashing of scandals of the past that he was acquitted of in a court of Law, However on Oct.28,2009 The fans, along with haters of Jackson saw anything but the frail,drug abusing,tortured soul they wanted you to believe he was. What we saw was,what would have truly been the show of all shows. The film began with the dancers telling their stories of where they were when they heard of the audition to dance with Micheal and the levels in which he impacted them as dancers.The roller coaster ride began when you saw preparations of special effects, dancing and Micheal being very hands on with every detail from set lighting and musical intros.You hear several classic tracks including: the Jackson 5 melody,Thriller,Bad,I just can't stop loving you. (just to name a few) The best part for me was to see that Micheal was dancing his ass off (sick my ass)as well as his vocal abilities seemed to get better over time and it was very refreshing to see that the nasty pictures people wanted to paint of him were simply wiped away from the word go. "Man in the Mirror" was where emotions were running high people in tears,clapping,cheering. This film has already set it's sights on breaking records bringing in millions in the first day and weather your a Fan or a Hater there is something to be said about a man who is one of the most misunderstood Icons of our times where even in his death he makes headlines and sells the hell out of anything his name is attached too.. This film is a MUST SEE...

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