Saturday, October 3, 2009

National Equality March Guide Overview

On October 11, 2009, we will gather in Washington, D.C. from all across America to let our elected leaders know that now is the time for full equal rights for LGBT people. We’ve had a moment thrust upon us by the election of President Barack Obama and the spirit of hope and change, and also by the sense of entitlement in the new generation of grassroots organizing. This march is a vehicle to a larger goal. We want to work to bridge the gap between the national organizations and the grassroots community organizers. We will gather. We will strategize. We will march. And we will leave energized and empowered to do the work that needs to be done in every community across the nation. This is only the beginning.

The march is not our final destination. It is our first step toward building a national grassroots network that will continue organizing until we have achieved full equality.

Our single demand: Equal protection in all matters governed by civil law in all 50 states.

Our philosophy: As members of every race, class, faith, and community, we see the struggle for LGBT equality as part of a larger movement for peace and social justice.

Our strategy: Decentralized organizing for this march in every one of the 435 Congressional districts will build a network to continue organizing beyond October.

This is our single message as we march on Washington on October 11, 2009. We seek equal protection in all matters governed by civil law in all 50 states.

Full Events Calendar

Friday, Oct. 9th, 2009
Operation Shine Luncheon and Meet N' Greet, Hosted by Sasha Bruce Youthwork Raising awareness of the LGBTQ homeless youth epidemic in Washington D.C. All ages welcome.
Oct 9, 2009 - 1:00pm-4:00pm
Operation Shine Washington DC, Homeless Youth Speak Out March to the DC Capitol to hear national speakers and local LGBTQ homeless youth! All ages welcome.
Oct 9, 2009 - 4:30pm-6:00pm
Welcome Reception for Marchers and Supporters National Stonewall Democrats, Gertrude Stein Democratic Club, Stonewall Democrats of Central MD, & Virginia Partisans Gay & Lesbian Democratic Club
Oct 9, 2009 - 6:00pm-9:00pm
Transgender Reception National Center for Transgender Equality
Oct 9, 2009 - 8:00-10:00pm
Saturday, Oct. 10th, 2009
LGBT Veteran and “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” Events Oct 10, 2009, and Oct 11, 2009
Oct 10-11, 2009
Trans Community Building Caucus
Oct 10, 2009 - 9:00am-11:00am
Impact Youth Events, sponsored by the Trevor Project Empowerment Trainings and Workshops Ages 13-25
Oct 10, 2009 - 9:30-11:30am
GLAAD Media Training GLAAD: Media Workshop
Oct 10, 2009 - 10-11:30am, 2-3:30pm Register for it
Repealing DADT: Lobbying Tactics DADT trainings taught by lobbyists from LGBT Military Advocacy groups
Oct 10, 2009 - 10:00am-12:00pm Register for it
HRC Welcome and Action Center
Oct 10, 2009 - 10am-3pm
SMYAL Leadership Conference "Stand up! Get Loud!" Youth to learn how to be leaders in their communities and advocate for equal rights and treatment
Oct 10, 2009 - 11:00am-5:00pm
Ecumenical Prayer Service
Oct 10, 2009 - 11:00am
PFAW: A Candid Conversation with Rep. Kyrsten Sinema How Arizona voters defeated anti-marriage equality legislation on the ballot.
Oct 10, 2009 - 11:00am-12:30pm
Wreath Laying at Tomb of the Unknowns, Arlington National Cemetery
Oct 10, 2009 - 12:00pm
IMPACT: NATIONAL FLASHMOB! "This Is What Equality Looks Like!" This is a peaceful, creative, fun, & intense demonstration of street art for all ages.
Oct 10, 2009 - 12:00pm-1:30pm
HIV- Now and in the Future
Oct 10, 2009 - 12:00pm-1:30pm
How to Organize on Campus Tips for Effective Organizing on College Campuses
Oct 10, 2009 - 1:30-3:00
Camp Courage Training for grassroots activists committed to working to promote full LGBT equality.
Oct 10, 2009 - 2:00pm-6:00pm Register for it
DADT Protest & Memorial Service Honoring Leonard Matlovich Speakers Span Four Decades of Fighting the Ban on Gays in the Military
Oct 10, 2009 - 2:00pm
Change your government from the inside! Run for Office, Change the World: Sponsored by the Gay & Lesbian Leadership Institute
Oct 10, 2009 - 2:00pm-4:00pm
Workshop on Faith Communities & LGBT Justice Campaigns
Oct 10, 2009 - 2pm
Soulforce ~ Nonviolent Resistance for Social and Economic Justice Join Soulforce for an Interactive Workshop in Nonviolent Resistance
Oct 10, 2009 - 2:30-5:30
Milk and Cookies Party For Families at the National Equality March
Oct 10, 2009 - 3:00pm-6:00pm
Holding Difficult Conversations about Religion and Sexuality Leader: Annette Marquis, Unitarian Universalist Association
Oct 10, 2009 - 3:00-4:30pm
Trans-History Workshop
Oct 10, 2009 - 4:00-5:00pm
The Struggle for LGBT Liberation with Cleve Jones & Sherry Wolf Cleve Jones & Sherry Wolf on The Struggle for LGBT Liberation
Oct 10, 2009 - 4:30-6:30pm
Film Screening: Edie & Thea: A Very Long Engagement Screening of a multi-award winning documentary, produced in association with Sundance Channel
Oct 10, 2009 - 5:00-6:30pm
Sign Making Happy Hour! Make Signs. Have Drinks. Get Ready to March!
Oct 10, 2009 - 5pm-7pm
Equality To End AIDS, HIV/AIDS Rally and Vigil
Oct 10, 2009 - 5:30pm-8:30pm
Marriage Equality Networking Mixer. Join Marriage Equality organizations from across the USA.
Oct 10, 2009 - 5:30-7:30pm
SMYAL Youth Dance (Ages 13 - 21 only) Come Dance and Get Loud! Rally the night away! Ages 13 - 21 only please
Oct 10, 2009 - 6:00-9:00pm
Queer Simchat Torah Celebration
Oct 10, 2009 - 6:30-9:30pm
Marching For Equality in Heels, benefiting The Matthew Shepard Foundation An Imperial Drag-Trans Extravaganza
Oct 10, 2009 - 8:00pm- Cocktail Reception, 10:00pm- Show
Different Drummers: Music of Hope and Equality A Celebration of Cinema and Solidarity through Song
Oct 10, 2009 - 8:00pm
Sunday, Oct. 11th, 2009
Official Interfaith Service An interfaith service with singing and celebration!
Oct 11, 2009 - 8am
Cadence Run Run with LGBT Servicemembers and veterans military style, around the memorials/monuments
Oct 11, 2009 - 8:00am
National Equality March March for Equality!
Oct 11, 2009 - 12 noon
National Equality March Rally The March culminates in a rally at the Capitol Buidling
Oct 11, 2009 - Approximately 2:00pm

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