Monday, June 29, 2009

09 BET Awards: A waste of Time

Wow is all I can say about Sunday's 2009 BET awards that took place in LA and was to pay respect to the "Man in the Mirror" Mr. Michael Joesph Jackson who we all loved and miss but instead the 2009 BET Award was a shitty mess that should not have happened at all.

I will say that the moment for me was seeing Janet as soon as i walked on stage i teared up seeing the pain in her eyes and before she came on the camera panned to monica and she took a deep breathe and u knew from her reaction this was the moment that was goin to do it. I had said before the show i was hoping that Janet showed up and i am glad she did to start the healing process.

Below is a few performance hightlights that stood out from the 09 BET awards as well as what he thought of the show courtesy from my friend Richard:

The show sucked as it always has for the past years. This was a regular BET Awards with a promotion of being a tribute. Yes they had some clips of him and his music but where was the musical tribute??? There was very little Michael and too much of people trying to make a name for themselves:

There were some high notes: Maxwell, Neyo,Keri Hilson,Monica & Keisha Cole very good performances. The evening went very long and just when u figured it couldn't get any worst there was Guy,BBD,and Keith Sweat and it is clear that non of them can sing like they use too or we were tone death them days. The Night hit a chest grabbing moment when Janet walked out with the pain in her eyes and fighting back tears Thanking the fans and BET for all the love and support.

BET really disappointed me this time they could have done a small tribute on the show and then did a TV special tribute concert which would have featured some actually talented people and messages from all that loved him. This was just bad through and through.

The performances:
Jamie Foxx/T-Pain Blame it on the Alcohol was a hot performance if this was his only one. He played guitar which throw me but it was hot.

Neyo lady in my life was a huge surprise to me because his voice always annoyed me after a while but this song was in the right key and he did his thing with this one. Taking his hat off as a sign of respect for Michael really was classy and well done.

Beyonce Ava Maria/Angel Now with all of me I tried to give her a chance. However what was with the ice princess outfit? The vail is what did it for me. As far as her singing Angel by Sarah Maclacilin I really was mad at that because she is not vocally mature to sing a song like that and once again playing on her fans lack of music genres I am almost sure someone thought this was a new song of hers No it's not.. Check The City of Angels SDTK.

Kerri Hilson love comes around was cute because she tried to showcase the fact that she has real talent by dancing and singing and as far as first go this would have been well talked about if this so called tribute wasn't going on.

Lil wayne and crew I couldn't understand anything coming out of anyone's mouths plus every other word was bleeped out. I just don't get it people help me understand.

Maxwell OMG!!!! MAXWELL lawd have mercy this man has talent that just won't quit his dapper way of performing brought some class to the room and it needed it. He has these feather falling down with an angel laying down behind him as he worked the room it was truly something to see.

Also i poised the question to my facebook audience and here were their reaction to the 09 BET Awards:

So did 09 BET AWARDS do MJ justice? Why did it feel like the Neyo & Jamie show? Seeing Janet-heartbreaking??

Michael Leach at 9:07am June 29
BET did okay for the last minute tribute!! I would have loved to see a dance tribute, but I guess there wasn't enough time to rehearse.

Darrell Cortez at 9:09am June 29
BET needs to throw in the towel and get an overhaul!!! Horrendous and deplorable!!!

Jaisin M Hines at 9:10am June 29
I think that they did the best they could do for that network...

Demond Finney at 9:11am June 29
The show was embarassing. It was more like the Jamie Fox variety show.

TheMario Edwards at 9:11am June 29
@Michael, watch the VH1 awards on MyNetwork TV on Wed. I think that will do a better job. They have had more time

Michael Leach at 9:15am June 29
@Mario definitely will. I will be watching and/or recording everything MJ for the next year or two. lmao

Darrell Cortez at 9:15am June 29
More time, more money, more care. Of course it will be better, and their both owned by VIACOM, hmmm.

David 'Prince of Texas' Walker at 9:17am June 29
I see more people fail to realize they had TWO DAYS. Get over it. His family is not complaining, so why are you?

Jaisin M Hines at 9:23am June 29
Your paying Respect to a man but you have grown men running around on a stage rapping about fuckin every girl in the world with lil girls on the stage... hmmm

Demond Finney at 9:30am June 29
Two days or two months, that show was a mess and people really need to start speaking out on how BET portrays us on television. When someone calls us niggers we protest,but what about when we act like niggers on national television on our own. How are you going to pay tribute to someone and they have to bleep every other word you say. I feel that the artist should have stepped up their game for the night.

Richard Samuels at 9:38am June 29
The show wasn't great. It sucked as it always have tribute or not I viewed with thought they had 2 days and it still made no difference. Neyos performace was great and when Janet came out the reality set in that he is really gone. BET could have done a small tribute on the show then did a special concert or something

Demond Finney at 9:45am June 29
I agree Richard! Simple and dignified.

David 'Prince of Texas' Walker at 9:46am June 29
That's easier said then done. If everyone watched BET like me (once a year) then they would get the hint.

Richard Samuels at 10:27am June 29
They got the ratings they wanted I'm sure. We need to do better as a people. I am speaking as a network and as a people. They did a half ass job for a half ass network. I would have been shocked if they did a great job. And where did they get them all them people who haven't been around in years??? Trust me when I say I am not sure MTV would have been any better but they would have gave it way more thought.

Anthony Branch at 10:43am June 29
i thought it sucked..they could've done alittle better..and jamie fox is just annoying

Richard Samuels at 10:47am June 29


Unknown said...

I need to see it again. I missed Janet come on! Um FINALLY someone who agrees MAXWELL killed it! Love our brother doing his thing! Jamie was a horrible host...THE AWARDS SHOW FOR THE MOST PART SUCKED besides Maxwell. Of course I didnt see the whole thing...after seeing how ghetto Taraji was, I stopped watching it.

Vonni Media Mogul - Javonni Brustow said...

The award show was doomed since the announcement of a rearranged setlist as a tribute for Michael. You just simply cannot rearrange a show within 72hrs and expect all to go well. The one guarantee of a good show is Beyonce who decided to dress as a slutty tooth fairy wearing a cut up wedding slip from a Freddie zkruger slasher. It was a complete laughable performance. Worst of all was Lil Wayne singing about wanting to fuck every girl n the world with his preteen daughter and friends on stage. It was sad and agreed upon by all how disgraceful the show was as a tribute especially considering how everyone changed their performances to be appropriate except Lil Wayne. Alas, the award show was the highest rating ever for the network but everyone saw the sad attempt at BET wanting to be first while delivering a terrible show.