Friday, August 8, 2008

What the Fuck Alaska We have a Problem??

I was just reading the newspaper here in DC called the Express in it citizens in Barrow,Alaska they are paying $ 9.89 for a gallon of milk. $4.65 for a gallon of unleaded gas, a loaf of bread is $6.00, A dozen eggs cost $4.60, A pound of strawberries cost $10.00 and finally a 1/2 pound of lunch meat is $7.00 wow and i was complaining about the cost of food here in the DC metro area i am glad i dont live their. However the governor of Alaska is feeling sorry for her resident so she has proposed checks of $1,200.00 for each resident to help relieve some of the burden,using a surplus from the oil-rich state treasury. Lawmakers are debating the proposal. I guess we have good here un-like the people their in Alaska, i dont think New York, Atlanta,Miami,DC and any other major city in the US would be able to handle these prices for the cost of food.

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