Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Xem Van Adams bids farewell after 4 yrs...

My buddy and friend Xem Van Adams says goodbye to us after 4 years and countless videos that have been inspirational and uplifting this community. I was first introduced to Xem Van Adams when I logged on to Darian Aaron's Blog http://www.loldarian.com/ and Xem's first video "Young Black & Gay" was first showed to us 3 yrs ago. Xem I would like to personally say publicly as I have told you privately you are a great asset to this community and I want to say your videos have hit me personally and have talked to me on so many levels that I cant even described and I thank you for being you and bring so much knowledge and joy to my life and value our friendship these last 3 yrs. much love and continued success in all future dreams and goals.

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