Tuesday, October 11, 2011

National Coming Out Day: My Coming Out Story

Wow…well my coming out story is a story of a boy who grew up in the church and took in a lot of the church activities as a youth. As I began to get into finding out who I was and where my life would take me, I came to the realization that indeed I was attracted to the same sex. At first, it was a scary thing that I couldn’t come to grips with. I honestly believe that rejection from girls that I were attracted to, played a crucial factor in this part as well.

I was raised in a Jamaican household were gays were looked down upon and ridiculed

Despite my family’s Jamaican roots, I felt that my decision to come out to them would be fine based on their love and dedication. I was wrong! My grandmother told me i was going to hell and that it was an abomination and started quoting bible scriptures to me. Deep down, I knew it hurt her that her eldest grandchild would not bare her any great grandkids and because of that she lashed out at me.

My aunt would wake me up early every morning for about a month yelling and screaming “FAGGOT” and that she hated me. Although the words of my family have hurt me it has also made me the stronger person I am today.

My mother, even-though she does not approve, has come to grips with my sexuality. I have been estranged from my family for the last 10 years. Recently, the death of my father last month brought me and my mother back a little closer. We have never been a unified family but I have reached out more and hope that eventually time will heal all wounds.

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