Saturday, April 9, 2011

Darryl Stephens "Noah from Noah's Arc" debuts his first novel Shortcomings

Darryl Stephens is now an author and his first book is entitled Shortcomings, Shortcomings talk about a group of young men whose lives intersect around the notion that sex is just another means to an end in the ultimate quest for love and companionship. They turn to dive bars, drug habits, pop music and pornography to cope with the loneliness they suffer when they find their emotional well-being dependent on the support and understanding of other men. SHORTCOMINGS is a provocative and compelling glimpse into those intensely personal moments when men come together and allow fear to finally give way to love. The Sysnopsis is: It’s easy to get distracted on the journey to self-discovery. We all come with our own baggage and it’s impossible to predict how other people’s damage will affect our story.  This very good book which is 324 pages and cost 24.99 and can be purchased on

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can't wait to check this out.