Monday, April 11, 2011

"Amazing Grace" by Nhojj"

Recorded by OUTMusic Award winner Nhojj. Directed by OUT 100 nominee Kirk Shannon-Butts. This new version of "Amazing Grace" expands the innate power of this hymn to affirm the LGBT community and support Gay Marriage. It represents a step forward for homosexuals in reclaiming their spiritual lives and healing wounds. This is the first time a well known Christian hymn has been used in a music video to express the "rightness and godliness" of same gender love -- portraying a male interracial couple exchanging marriage vows and living in a loving committed relationship.

Kirk Shannon-Butts - Director

Adrian Lopez - Producer/Editor (Houston Street Productions)

Yasuaki Nakajima - Cinematographer

Ron Hill - Actor

Nhojj - Actor/singer

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