Monday, December 13, 2010

"Justus" New Series coming soon.......

"Jutus" the series is coming soon and below we have 2 different trailers for you guys also go to to purchase your copy of the book so that the series goes as forth if we can get book sells up we can finally see us on tv for a change so lets get cracking people.

"An ordinary young man finds himself in extraordinary circumstances as his lover forces him into a dangerous web of sex, drugs, and murder.
Justus - a young black man from New Jersey - had always been king-hearted and unassuming.
His own trusting nature, however, leads Justus into a twisted and life-threatening spiral of peril and intimidation. Coerced into a menacing world by a lover he once trusted, Justus must somehow find his way out of an abusive relationship and the threatening life he has been tricked into - before it's too late.
Justus shatters decades of prejudice and misrepresentation, and portrays gay black men in a way that has never before been put to print. "

Trailer #1

Trailer #2

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