Thursday, December 30, 2010

Andresflava Looks Back at 2010

The year 2010 has been an emotionally filled rollercoaster of an journey but i am glad to see the year come to a close once again and again I survived the mayhem which was 2010.  In March I lost my father and even though my dad has never been apart of my life, it was still an emotional adventure for me because I have been able to sort of grasp the knowledge that he wasnt coming around because well I dont honestly know the reasoning for him not coming around, but i knew he was alive. Now he is gone and to never return again. I delt wit that the best way i knew how too. The expierence left me depressed for a few weeks because i just couldnt fathom not having a father anymore and regardless if he wasnt in my life he was still my father in my eyes. So i have been dealing with his death as best I could and pressing forward.
In April I started classes at Strayer University where i am now a Business Administration Major and has been interesting being back in school after all these years but its been a good feeling to be back in the classroom.

June saw me take part in the NYC Pride weekend for the second year in a row and this was an even bigger honor as i was able to walk in the gay parade and walk along 5th Avenue and thru the village with the gays and be happy and proud. I walked with the GLO TV Float. As many of you have been hearing for months GLO TV is the new Urban LGBT Network which was launched back in Sept.

September saw me take my first international trip out the country for the first time as I took part in INFERNO DR on the resort of Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic which took place during the Labor Day Weekend. It was an amazing and refreshing weekend and I was so glad to take part in the weekend If you want to attend INFERNO DR please log on to Inferno is goin on its 3rd year and takes place this year Sept 1-5 so hurry up and go book now.

November same me come back into the HIV/AIDS community after a close to 3 year hiatus employment wise i am now a part-time HIV/AIDS outreach worker for the National Association for People With AIDS and its a good feeling to be back helping my community. Novemeber also let me reunite wit my family during the Thanksgiving season, in the wake of the death of my father, it brought me and my mother closer and thats a great thing. Thanks to my mom for helping to be there for my father in his dying days even thought she did not have to be.

So as I wrap up 2010 and take with me into 2011 all the positives and leave behind the baggage. I see so many new and amazing things that will happen for me this year. And that I am thankful for life.

In closing there a few people I want to thank for making 2010 a little bit easier for me. I want to thank my mom for being their for me as well as my family. I would also like to thank my friends who made me laugh when i needed to laugh. Lonnell Williams, Jeff Gantt, Ronald Mcdonald-Thomas, Tron Majette, Vance Gleton, Devontae White, Trent Jackson, Darvin Williams, Keith Barbee, J Omarr Tutler, Anthony Anderson, Maurice Jamal, Derrick L. Briggs, LastO,BryN't, The Cast of Anacostia the Web Series, Xem Van Adams, Adam Benjamin Irby, BadIlisho, Dyari,Seanmichal Rodgers, Allen Simms, Kenneth Jones, NAPWA, Dr. Leo Wilton,DJ Baker, Darian Aaron, Derek Middlebrooks, so many others I say thank you for being a friend....

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