Monday, December 28, 2009

A Decade Later: Andresflava Reflects

Well we are ending the first decade of the Millemium and i wanted to take a look back what has gone on in my crazy life these last 10 years so lets take a look back.

2000- Wow 2000 was when u can say i found myself i graduated from high school as well as moved out on my own as well as had my first sexual experience with a guy i will name "conquistador".

2001- January 2001 i was able to go to the Super Bowl in Tampa with my Best Friend Ramon who's father was the founder of the group "Baha Men" you might know them best for their hit song back then called "who let the dogs out" That was a very memorable weekend i will never forget. Um February saw me leave the state for about 5 months to journey to Appomattox,VA where the Civil War ended a small country town i moved in with a friend and his lover at the time and it taught me that life is what you make of it and you cant believe what people say. I would say the experience opened up my eyes alot and i was able to grow but i missed home and home was where the heart was.

The Summer of 2001 to the Summer of 2002 I dealt with alot of family turmoil between me and my family as well as turmoil amongst themselves which for the second time told me i was tired of Florida again and it was best for me to leave. The journey this time was Raleigh,NC where i was extremely bored and slightly depressed at being in a boring place. I stayed in Raleigh for about 4 month til the mid ogf december where the city had shut down one day due to a terrible snow storm and that was my sign that it was time to go back to Florida once again.

2003- Was an life changing experience on alot of levels for me in February i began my first real relationship with a great guy which last for about 2.5 years which ended on my birthday of all days but hey those are the breaks. In May of this year i started working as an HIV/AIDS Youth Advocate/Outreach Worker where i would go into the community and talk to youth about HIV/AIDS/STDs anfd this journey lasted for 5 years before moving to DC in Dec of 07. Um in Oct of this year i was diagnosed with the HIV Virus from an sexual enciunter that i had prior to getting into my relationship with Q who was negative and is still. IF you look to the right side column i talk about living with HIV with blogger Darian Aaron. The reminding 2 months of 03 is a blur.

2004-I moved into my first apartment with my boyfriend in March of this year and this is when i had to become an adult and be more responisble but that didnt always happen due to not prioritizing what matters and as a result i was evicted. The rest of the year was an ok year i celebrated Thanksgiving with my boyfriend and my family which i thought would be a disaster but turned out wonderful in the end. I was afraid of how my family would react to us being together and having Thanksgiving but their were no blow ups and the food came out perfect.

2005 was an up and down year which saw me lose my grandfather to Cancer. That pretty much all i can remeber from this year.

2006 i lost my apartment due to letting "Friends" get the better of me and i allowed myself to lose focus of what was important but in the end i can blame no one but me for losing my apartment. Also this year i ended my 2.5 year relationship with Q as well as.

2007 saw me enter my 2nd real relationship with "Neo" and even though it was for a short spell it was an good one looking back. The could have and should have you go thru once it has ended was something i still think about today. On December 27 i said goodbye to my job and Florida and hello to the Nation's Capital Washington DC.

2008-2009 Has been a very rough spell for me while being here in DC it has saw me become homeless and live in a shelter and it has opened up my eyes to alot of things that i need to do to get back on track for the New Year and a New Me! 3010 i proclaim it to me my year!

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Will1982 said...

Just put whatever your going through in Gods hands and he is gonna work it out for you...just believe that he will...2009 was not a good year for me either...but God brought me through my tribulation...I know it might sound corny but it's real...I am definitely gonna pray for you and I know your 2010 is gonna be wonderful...btw I love your blog...keep up the good work