Thursday, December 31, 2009

Andresflava 2009 Entertainment Recap

These Last few months have been a great time to see movies and

Avatar- A movie that puts "Twilight" back where it belongs on the shelves. the movie really defines where special effects future is heading. A great action/scifi movie with a solid story .. 10's across the board

Sherlock Holmes- Now i love me some Robert downing Jr. but this movie was cute,and kind of funny but I could have waited for it on DVD. he was great and so was Rachael Adams,however the story just did nothing for me really.. 5 out of 10

Alvin and the Chipmunks (The Squeakquel)- As a kid I loved the chipmunks and I loved the 1st movie. This one was not as good and the only good parts where when the Chipettes where on which wasn't enough if you ask me. their version of "single Ladies" was cute til I remembered who's sings that song. 5 out of 10

It's Complicated- Meryl Streep is all I have to say but wait Alec Baldwin ,Oh wait Steve Martin OK Now that's all I have to say. This is for the grown and sexy not for those with a limited movie type. it was so funny that I may see it again. this is the year of Indie films. 10's across the board

NINE- if your looking for are looking for "Chicago 2" this isn't it. having seen the play years ago with Ms. Eartha Kitt I must say that it was missing most of a solid story. I loved it don't get me wrong but I would have loved it more at home on a DVD. Musical Numbers were great Fergie's "Be Italian" showed her in a very different vocal range then we are use too and it was very good. Kate Hudson shocked me the most because I never thought she could dance or sing then i remembered her mother is "Goldie Hawn" she truly made a name for herself here. Sofia Lauren is more stunning now then she has ever been. Even though I rave about it the story becomes very unclear (even though I know it) so i give it 6 out 10

This year was probably the best year for movies in years. This was the year of real actors and actresses not singers trying to act or vice verse with movies like "Chicago" and now "Nine" Actors and Actresses are going back to basics Dancing,singing and ACTING (which is a skill that not everyone had)There is a real award season this year due to the great movies of this year and the work that was spent casting and directing. Bravo 09" for ending the decade on a high Note for movies now next year let's work on the music industry.

In movie News: Sex and the City 2 will be release May 28Th of Next and the trailer is making it's rounds now ( I'm so excited)this one shows us how they all came to be friends and what our girls were like 80's style.

Jennifer Hudson has been confirmed to play Winnie Mandela. Now this what i am talking about people She is An Academy Award winning actress because SHE CAN ACT. Jennifer also has a indie film pending for release with fellow Academy Award winning actor Forest Whitaker.

WHY DID I GET MARRIED 2 is due out in Mid April and from what I understand this story really is focused through the eyes of Janet's Character (Patricia)and it features EVERYONE in the original cast and from the preview it's going to be Juicy.

Chris Brown is part of and ensemble cast in "Takers" Due out in the beginning of 2010 Chris is also one of the Exec. producers of this film Which also stars Paul walker,Idris Elba,Matt Dillon,Tip 'T.I.' Harris,Michael Ealy,Hayden Christensen just to name a few. (I am pulling for you Chris)

In Music News:

OMG! Beyonce has a new album coming due out in 2010 (can you say Mariah?!?)with the new year she is coming out with a new fragrance "Heat" Also it has been rumored that she will be headlining Wynn's hotel and Casino for 5 years for 500 million. (Not true) 500 million is what they are hoping to take in with her run. people get a clue and Beyonce sit down.

Lady Gaga- has released "Telephone" as her new single which in my eyes is much better then "Video phone"
can't wait to see the video

Billboard charts in the final week of the year Susan Boyle remains at no.1 with her debut CD "I dreamed A dream" Mary J.Bilge is at no.2 ,But the big winner in this weeks charts is Taylor Swift who this time last year was no.1 with "fearless" well swift is no.5 with the same album "Fearless" in a whole year she is down 5 spots. Damn 09" belongs to Taylor Swift. Big losers to close out the charts Beyonce and Rhianna: Beyonce's album is no.51 on the charts this time last year she was no.3 while Rhianna cried victim and her lastest album "Rated R" people didn't buy it.

Janet will stake her claim in 2010 as well with "Why did I get Married too" her semi-auto biography and an album. She is back to basics on this new album Terry and Jimmy and her first home A&R records. I'm ready are you?

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