Tuesday, August 18, 2009

An Open Letter 2 the DC Black Gay Community from a DC Resident


dc's stupid black gay community

By Earl Richards

I'm simply pissed at the way dc black community has changed........people please open ur eyes! THERE WAS A TIME WHEN DC WAS POPPIN....now its a hot mess the club scene is some bullshit. friday night these stupid ass black kids go to LIV that the worst shit in dc on a friday night so I stay home or maybe go to that tired as HALO where the drinks are over priced in weak as hell in the black fags called themselves taking over the white boys club......trust in believe they donot want our black asses in there but we go anyway. now I'm about to really go off on the dc black kids just about 2 months ago omegaparty thru a party @ studio 10 which had no alcohol license in was shut down. the detectives in abc board member in those tired as promoters put everyone at risk just for a dollar....to pay there bills. the club was shut down.. those dirty motherfucker took our money without offering a refund in hit it out the door....NOW they are back at it again with there new friday party at Mirrors .....sorry to say I will not attend that shit at all in I advice all of DC Black Gay kids not to support the shit either.......what happen to the ole days when dc was the shit.. NOW ALL WE HAVE IS A LIV ON A FRIDAY - SO TIRED......THE DELTA ......A PLAYGROUND. oh did i mention the owner has the fuckin nerve to charge the under 21 kids $25 dollars to get into the roach motel. the Mill is really bad these days since Mike took over....so me and my friend hang out @ Town or the new Secrets.

I just had to get this out so you'll dumb ass black kids can open yall eyes. Friday August 21st is the grand opening of Omega Party @ Mirrors donot support that shit plus Mirrors is tired too. go to Secrets in see real naked strippers. back to Liv - K&C has bee takin our money every week in what have they given us? nothing
they never has a performer like the other promoter do in atlanta...dc use to have all the hott performers at the edge. wat happened yall? we need to stop going to the LIV too they don't do shit for us. I'm just tired of the stupid promo guys wantin to be seen in if keelon try in holla at me one more time imma punch him in the face. its a shame him in his BF Chris is sleeping around with every body in dc.......why we don't get the Love club anymore? I do like eyeball place it cute - just to small in I'm afraid something gonna happen in we won't all get out in time....IE: dealth trap.

bring back the big lukes...and darryl cause dc is in CHambleS.......oh did i forget Ivan -trade another HOTT MESS...that remington's white cow boy stank shit.




KingNmiami said...

What can you say about black promoters, simply SAD. I feel ya pain Earl, keep ya head up man. When the kids realize they have been had, it will be hell to pay. Don't support the clubs or events you know are ripping you off. Keeping your dollars will teach them a very fast lesson.

BLKSeaGoat said...

How tragically shallow and incredibly stupid can Earl be? I actually thought that his letter would be one calling the Black LGBT community to action regarding issues affecting our community. Instead, this bitter queen is wasting energy lamenting about the late club scene in DC.

Newsflash "Earl the retard", DC's night scene is dominated by Happy hours. People don't care about your lack of places to go so you can look at strippers and then go to clubs to be a statue. The real issue is that Earl actually attempts to read people using a format that he clearly has not mastered beyond the third grade.

I might almost pay the letter some real attention if it weren't for the grammatical errors, typos, misspellings, and generally poor sentence structure. He needs to stay home and do nothing OR create a sustainable concept in this market.

I still can't believe that anyone would compose a 3 page letter about the absence of party venues in the black gay community when there are much more important things that need to be addressed. Equally troubling is the confirmation of the perception that black gays aren't active in our community unless we're partying or fucking. Earl is so damn sad.

Unknown said...

I love how he didn't spare any names...lol. Now everyone knows that the promoters are using their pull to get laid.

I used to live in the DC/Bmore metro area about three years ago. I thought it was tired then, so I can only imagine what it's like now.

Maybe it's time that the Black Gay community start to offer more than club culture to it's citizens. I think our souls need feeding more than our musicbox.


K&C Productions,LLC said...

This is an email message from K&C Productions, LLC- We were initially not going to respond to the negative, derogatory, discrediting and slandering email posted by Earl Richards. I would first like to express our gratitude to DMV and out of town guest who have continued to show their support by attending all of our events. As you are aware, we host an event on Friday night at Liv located at 2001 11th Street NW WDC and every Sunday night at the one and only Eyebar located at 1716 I Street NW WDC. Mr. Richards appears to have a bad experience while patronizing one of our many events. Nonetheless, K&C Productions, LLC expresses our deepest apology for what appears to be (his personal bad experience).
Nonetheless, I would like to share some valuable information with Mr. Richards and the many readers of this particular site. You do have the right to the freedom of speech by law. However, when you cross the line of your personal dissatisfactions with a business by expressing Slander/ Defamation and providing it in writing on a website you have broken the law. I have provided for your readers review and Mr. Richards the definition of Slander and Defamation and the law protecting a business and or company (e.g. K&C Productions, LLC):
Slander: is a spoken defamation. Defamation or "defamation of character" is spoken or written words that falsely and negatively reflect on a living person's reputation.

Defamation: In law, defamation–also called calumny, libel (for written words), slander (for spoken words), and vilification–is the communication of a statement that makes a claim, expressly stated or implied to be factual, that may give an individual, business, product, group, government or nation a negative image. It is usually, but not always, a requirement that this claim be false and that the publication is communicated to someone other than the person defamed (the claimant).
In common law jurisdictions, slander refers to a malicious, false and defamatory spoken statement or report, while libel refers to any other form of communication such as written words or images. Most jurisdictions allow legal actions, civil and/or criminal, to deter various kinds of defamation and retaliate against groundless criticism. Related to defamation is public disclosure of private facts, which arises where one person reveals information that is not of public concern, and the release of which would offend a reasonable person. "Unlike [with] libel, truth is not a defense for invasion of privacy."
False light laws are "intended primarily to protect the plaintiff's mental or emotional well-being." If a publication of information is false, then a tort of defamation might have occurred. If that communication is not technically false but is still misleading, then a tort of false light might have occurred.
Moreover, I posted this message for a couple of reasons to address Mr. Richards’s apparent dissatisfaction with our business practices and to thank our patrons for their continued support of K&C Productions. We created K&C Productions to provide clean and safe environment to party. Hence, we have been up and running with very successful results. Furthermore, we did not create our business to gain lots of revenue nor to provide a platform to bring in various artists to our events. Hence, we have typically been the only promoters that have sponsored free events and/or only charging a very small cover charge regardless of a routine event or holiday event. Lastly, I am requesting the writer of the blog to show his face or if there is anyone in the community, who can identify the writer, please send us an email at sugafreesundays@yahoo.com and we will address the situation accordingly. Thanks in advance for your attention to the aforementioned.
Keelon of K&C Productions, LLC

DC showstopper said...

First I would like to say that K&C Production has done more for the LGBT community than any other promoters in the DMV area. Mr. Richards how childish and coward of you to make your bad experience deter everyone from supporting K&C. Regardless, if the sleep around with everyone, I think your jealous and outraged that you didn't get your turn. Then again, look at you. Who would want to..I don't think anyone is that desperate to lie next to you and be proud that they have so..UGHH..K&C Production are goin about other way to showcase fun and partying in DMV area..No they don't need entertainers and celebs at their party to keep it crunk..People know it's goin to be CRUNK when K get the mic and hype the crowd. Or when they doing a promotion for another party that's goin to take place in the city. They have other means of drawing their crowds(something Darryl Wilson can't do). Far as they are concern, you Mr. Earl can go kick rocks..Better yet, chew on some as well. then you have the nerves to try to talk them ripping people off for their dollars. Little that you know that both of those guys work making DAMN GOOD Money and they don't need to rip anyone off to get whatever the fuck THEY WANT. Ther are times when they don't charge to keep into their venues. But you wouldn't know that because you're at home hiding behind a computer screen trying to BLAST their names..Your badd experience probably happened because you wasn't dressed properly or noone in their party paid you any attention(which is always the case). Next time try to better approach and maybe you can get some play. What you're doin now is tryin to blast them wit your Derogatory, Malicious and Vindictive comments. That won't work because haters like YOU amke them do more and climb HIGHER than they are. K&C are down-to-earth people that everyone enjoys partying with. So take your low down dirty evil ass somewhere else and KICK ROCKS BYTCH....