Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A Bitter Sweet Ending to a Great Weekend- Omaha Days 2009

From the Desk of King in Miami
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Boy, boy, boy....what a great weekend! I traveled back to my old stomping grounds in Omaha, Nebraska for Native Omaha Days 09. And it seems alot of celebrities had the same idea to make the trip to the Midwest as well. Dwayne Wade from the Miami Heat, Gabrielle Union (an Omaha native), Morris Chestnut, and a few others were in town for the four-day party weekend.

You are probably wondering what is Native Omaha Days. Native Omaha days is a bi-annual celebration for the city, mostly the black community in North Omaha. Every other year, native Omahas come back to the city for a what I call a homecoming but on a grander scale. The weekend has parties, dancing, parade, a celebrity basketball game, concerts, free food, vendors, and more. It is one of the premier weekends in Omaha. I stayed at the Hilton with Wade and Grabrielle Union. I didn't get a glimps of the superstars but often say their entourage hanging around and pulling off in Hummers and limos.

It was great to see my family and friends, many of which I haven't seen in ten years. I was being pushed to march in the parade but decided not too. My family reunion was actually held this past weekend in Omaha too. My family coming from Texas, Atlanta, Denver, and so many other places, I can't name them all. Even my best friend from Atlanta came up for the festivities. It was great weekend nevertheless. A little bit of violence too. It always seems blacks in small towns and cities can't get along without shooting or some type of drama. Omaha Days 2009 was overall one to remember.

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