Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Dancing with the Devil By Taylor Siluwe

You can read more about one of the orginal blogger and and friend of andresflava at This is one of the must read book for the Fall/winter of 2009 and check back in september as we give you are Fall/Winter list of literary work that you should be reading in 2009/2010.

Dancing With The Devil is a work of dark brilliance - an emotional experience that can leave the reader with the hollow emptiness that follows intense passion and explosive lust for a lover who will take you to ecstatic heights, then destroy you. It is that kind of writing - a journey into the lower depths of the soul with the path illuminated by flashes of hot lightning. And when it is all over, the emptiness slowly fills with the awareness of having survived and of having experienced the brutal edge of life at its most dangerous and most exhilarating. One thing can be guaranteed; you will not forget having read this book. It will excite you, haunt you and finally, it will cast you aside and leave you wanting more. ~ Toby Grace, Editor, Out IN Jersey magazine

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