Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Stop holding on to the person who has let you go..

Stop holding on to the one person who has let you go is something that am i currently dealing with. Why do we hold on to something that doesn't and has clearly moved on from you? Yes you might have been their love of their life but you got to move on to better you and start your healing. You've tried being in other relationships but you sabotage those relationship, because you hope that you guys will be one day reunited and everything will go back to where it use to be. 

You get back together and then what? what do you expect to take place that didn't when you guys were together? what could possible change in the time since and do you honestly believe that love conquers all and the only ting that will help? I don't know just had this on my mind and needed to get it out, why me oh lord, what did i do that after so long from not being together that you have not been able to move on? 

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