Thursday, October 8, 2015

48 hrs in Cancun Mexico

Last week I was in Cancun basking in the sun and difference of being in a new country where i didn't understand the culture or the  language but i am glad i was able to experience Cancun and Mexico for 48 hrs. A friend on Facebook had posted a deal that Frontier Airlines had posted  $90 roundtrip to Cancun, the only catch is I had to leave out of Philly in order to go. So i debated with self if it would be worth it for a few hrs and finally told myself why the hell not this is definitely a steal that probably won't happen again. So for 3 weeks i researched on what i wanted to do while in Mexico and where to stay and all the necessities that would take place while there. I decided to stay in a hostel which would be my second time staying in one, first time being in Philly in April for Philly Black Pride Weekend and I had no issues so why not a buddy who always travels only stays in hostels and love them. Ticket bought and now where to stay, which hostels? so i researched some more and find one $9 a night, not bad. booked it.

Get to Cancun and after going through customs and figuring out how to exit the airport, I take a $5 shuttle from airport to downtown Cancun to their bus station and from the map the hostel where i would be staying is a 10 min walk coo. Now the hard part, lol I don't know spanish, I don't know how to translate anything and this is where the frustration begins.. After trying to figure out peso to dollar and checking into my room. I took the city bus for about 30 mins to the beach which was called Playa Delfines which was cool. Coming back from the beach, went back to the hostel and rest a while, and get up and go walk around cause a, am hungry and B, i didn't come to cancun to sleep lol.

So i had a taste for rice and beans and chicken but i couldn't find any downtown so i settled on chinese after finding someone who spoke english to guide me n where i could get something good to eat and it was good and full filling. Now its starting to rain so as i was scurrying back to the hostel again i come across a person who's talking about taking a tour of mexico which i wanted to do while there and had researched prior but the prices were ridiculous so i told myself i would wait until i got to cancun and see what i could find. So the guy  initially wanted me to spend $50 USD and i was like nah not happening, so i talked him down to $35 USD and everything was right in the world again lol.

Day 2 i wake up at 6am for my all day excursion to Chichen Itza which is 2.5 hrs north of Cancun and it was worth getting up at 6am. After picking up everyone and getting registered a chartered bus about 40 folks left cancun and our first stop was to the city of Vallaolid where we visited a mayan church for about 30 mins and then back on the bus where we stopped and had lunch for about 1.5 and then it was off to Chichen Itza where we stayed for about 2 hrs and then an hr at the Ik Kil Cenote which is a man made sink hole which was beautiful. afterwards got back to the hostel and crashed and got up for the airport and back to america. The trip was good and I conquered my fears or exploring an foreign country alone.

Photos from Cancun

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