Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Early Morning Rambling..

The search and longing for love that will never come in my opinion. I have always long for the love and have never really felt what it is. There where several instances when I thought i had finally found only to be deceived by what was probably strong lust. I am a loner, and i have come to the realization that i will always be alone, and i have accepted that and in some case, i believe its a good thing. I can only count on me at the end of the day, even though others can count on me if and when the times comes, but when its my turn in need, its always disappointment. They say you shouldn't put your trust in man, but its my nature too and slowly and surely i have been learning not to get to excited so easily over any situation which i foresee could be a positivity stride in my life. No there is no negative thoughts, because am in constant positivity of what life challenges are ahead.  Pressing forward as i always do with every hurdle, i am indeed a survivor of the bumpy roller coaster. I am optimistic though that one day love will take over.  Until that time all i have is me.

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