Saturday, July 28, 2012

Can You Feel What I’m Saying? by:James Earl Hardy

Message from J.E.H: “Can You Feel What I’m Saying?”, my first short story collection, will be released in September. Will be posting an excerpt and other info shortly!

The Back Cover Copy:
“Whether it’s the maintenance man making a much needed house call (Booty, By Jake), a 40-year-old “born again” virgin falling in lust with his 20-year-old former student (How Stanley Got His Back In Groove), a porn star trying to stay aroused–and awake–while filming his final movie (The Last Picture. Show.), or a blind man proving that sight isn’t a prerequisite for bringing another pleasure (Can You Feel What I’m Saying?), Hardy serves up seven scandalous tales, imbued with his trademark mix of politics and passion, that are guaranteed to turn you on–and off.”

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