Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Xem Says... Think Like A Gay Man, Act Like A Kween

Xem Says: We, as a society at large continue to use the terms 'KWEEN' and 'GAY' interchangeably as it concerns the identity and existence of homosexual boys, teenagers and adult men. Not only does the mainstream public place these derogatory terms upon the shoulders of Gay men, but many Gay men themselves continue to embrace the thoughts, ideas and stereotypes that are associated with such 'Titles'. A Kween, as far as Im concerned, isn't race, class, or gender specific. A Kween exists in many facets of society and can filter in and out of various social circles. A Kween does NOT define the presence of effiminate or flamboyant gays. One should not be labeled a kween simply because they speak, dress, behave or carry themselves according to certain spoken and unspoken standards of normalcy. It's an interpreted concept.

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