Friday, September 16, 2011

Update on Patrik Ian Polk's "The Skinny"

I know a lot of you have asked when is THE SKINNY coming out. The short answer: I'm not sure...yet. As u know, films cost money. I was able to scrape together the money to shoot it- from my own shallow pockets & a handful of investors...But the harsh reality is- I do not have the money to finish the film- post-production, music, sound mixing, etc. So more money-raising must be done. Unfortunately, money-raising is the part of this process that I hate the most. I'm bad at it and I hate doing it, always have, always will. But I'm figuring it out. Just takes time.
Meanwhile, I'm editing the film myself (no money to hire editors & I know I'll work for free lol). And I'm writing music for the film's soundtrack with the help of some talented musician friends who've donated their time & talents. So the train's forward momentum has not been lost. It's just slow-going until I get the money I need. I have personally sacrificed to get this film in the can- but I have no problem suffering and sacrificing for my art in the hope & belief that it will pay off in the end. But the money is not the main reason I'm in this business. I do what I do because I believe in the importance of telling our stories. These are the stories I want to see. And I decided a long time ago, if no one else is telling our stories, then I'll tell them myself.

If you want to support my efforts, then email me at TSBBPRODUCTIONS@GMAIL.COM & I'll gladly tell you how you can do so. But for now, I do not know when THE SKINNY will be released. I'm dancing as fast as i can- but the jukebox needs more coins.

Thank you, Patrik-Ian
The Skinny TRAILER has been viewed 30,000 times. If I got just $1 per view, I could finish this movie. #justsayin

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*Nadira* said...

I can't wait to to see this movie.It looks AMAZING.I was completely obsessed with Noah's Arc. Iv'e seen the series at least 20 times and the movie 7 or 8 times. I bought the dvds like two years ago.Punks was AMAZING.I watch it on Logo online.4 times so far.I can't get the dvd,and I have been trying.I will go out of my way to watch anything Patrik-Ion Polk puts his name on. Truly a fan.