Sunday, September 11, 2011

Andresflava Remebers 9/11 10 yrs later....

As the 10 year Anniversary of what is by far the most horrific day in the lives of alot of people across the country, we here at Andresflava takes a look back on the day as I was living in South Florida at the time I was waken by my grandmother after the first attack and watched in horror as with the rest of the country when the second plane hit the second tower live on Good Morning America. I couldnt help but feel sad and heartbroken as to what I was witnessesing at the moment. I immediately started calling friends in DC and NYC and to no luck no answer for several hours but after a day or so I was able to get ahold of all my friends.  I wasnt personally affected by the events that took place 10 years ago, but as an american citizen and a human being you have no choice but to feel for the lives lost.

As the day went on I went on a date actually later that day and found my first love which was an great expierence but I was unable to really enjoy the moment cause we were at the movie theaters and as the movie was about to start we were told that we had to leave due to the theater closing at the request of President Bush who had requested that alot of attractions and businesses be shut down due to the terror attacks on the nation.

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