Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Growing Pains- 2011 Miami Beach Bruthaz and Miami Beach Fashion Week

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It's Tuesday and I am now just recovering from Miami Beach Bruthaz 2011 and a very exciting Miami Beach Fashion Week. I guess I am experiencing, as many of us do, "growing pains" as we transition from one level in life to another. And that is how I would describe MBB 2011. I feel they are experiencing a few grown pains now that the event has really picked up steam. The event has grown so much and given the fact this year the event is all-inclusive now (hotel, clubs, some meals, special events; all included in the price). I feel they are experiencing some growing pains, which is not necessary a bad thing. More people, a whole lot of fun. A few things went wrong this weekend at least from my perspective starting with getting my Dream pass. It took forever! But I was just experiencing a bit of MBB's growning pains. I know with hundreds of fellas in town to attend this extraordinary event, it can be a bit much stressful to keep everything organize. It wasn't that way last year with the wait, but there were considerably more people in attendance this year. But when you have stars in town, like Jensen Atwood aka Wade from Noah's Arc, who hosted a couple of MBB events this year, you are sure to have larger attendance and excitement of the weekends' event.

My second "growing pains" experience was the South Beach Men's Fashion Show. It seemed a little bit more scaled back compared to last year, which was poolside at local South Beach hotel. I applaud the move this year to make it an inside venue. Because last year, it was so freakin hot outside. Nevertheless this years' venue was freaking awesome. Cute, cute, cute! However, the fashion show was supposed to start at 9pm, but by the time I left at 10:30pm, it still hadn't gotten started. I was tired of waiting and highly annoyed. And it seemed a few others felt the same way and bounced. Again "growing pains"! More people, more to deal with, so things are not always going to go as planned. I know Ian and his crew will take this year as a learning experience. I look forward to a bigger and even better Miami Beach Bruthaz for 2012. This was one of those years I feel MBB has become extrememly popular thus the attendance has taken off. The event was awesome despite the kinks, and I highly recommend this event for anyone wanting to experience Miami at a very affordable price. I am going to post some video later tonight.

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