Friday, July 8, 2011

Behind the scenes of Trent Jackson's book cover shoot "Poplife"

I am excited to give you an behind the scenes look at the making of Trent Jackson's Poplife book cover shoot that took place back in March as Project Coordinator for this project it was my honor and privileged to work with Trent on this project and I am glad he trusted me enough to help make his vision a reality.

A little more about the "Poplife" project :

“Pop Life” closely follows the characters’ rise to New York socialite fame and thoroughly examines their social relationships with each other, how being famous can add complexities to their lives, while further exploring how family plays a part in socialization and lays the ground work for every relationship they have. Throughout the book the characters grapple with depression, unstable relationships, drug abuse, getting over childhood pain while coming to terms with their sexuality and learning how to find balance while leading productive lives.

Breakdown of the 5 characters:

Kyle DeVoe has been and will always be the “IT” boy, although he’s never known that – his deep rooted insecurity bought on by his family has plagued him his entire life. Even though he’s encountered a lot of setbacks, he always seems to win. He is attractive, serious but warm. Friendly and definitely has star quality – which is one of the reasons why he’s a highly sought after journalist.He's talented but people never give him credit for his work and they always seem to steal his ideas and it heightens his insecurity to far places. He’s popular,social and out to make a difference but he has to come to terms with things in his life he’s never wanted to mention out loud.

Bryan Thomas has always been a bitch – which is why he always get what he wants, but is never in control. The fashion forward overly defensive and extremely cautious Southern boy from Arkansas is stereotypically attractive with a lot to hide. He’s an openly gay filmmaker and the owner of one of the most notable hair salons in New York with high-end black clientele, who rubs elbows with all of the right people. To everyone else his world is perfect, but on the inside he knows that his world is turning fast and slowly crashing. He’s only good at socializing and hiding his secret pain behind his stellar good looks, his perfect body,his “connections” and his immaculate wardrobe.

Calvin Rhodes is young journalist on the verge of something big. He is the royalty of black gay blogs with a daily readership of over half-a-million people.Everyone knows Calvin Rhodes the tall, slender, bald
and definitely the stereotypical attractive "alpha"guy. Calvin reminds you of that bad ass little kid that you grew up in elementary school with...the kid with the snotty nose. He's curious, mischievous, and
attractive but also has this star quality about him. He works out at the gym a lot, naturally masculine, but doesn't like sports. He listens to a lot of music and tends to draw a lot. He has a good heart, but alot of people have done him wrong which makes it hard for him to trust people.

Darryl Manning is a banker by day and rapper by night. He’s very grimy and street– the quintessential boy from BK. He’s a 26-year-old guy with a habit of a 50-year-old street drunk who swears by Newport's and blunts. He’s real, he’s raw, he’s street, He’s ambitious and he’s scarred. He's lived a hard knock life – and it’s the root of his strained relationship with his family, but it’s also the fuel for his rap and the motivation to want to do better. He’s not afraid to let his walls down, but he always seems to let his walls down for all the wrong people.

Omar Julian’s motto is, "Get them before they get you." He’s the snake of the pack! Just when you think you can trust him you can't, he's always on the prowl for his next victim, which just so happens to be his latest story since he’s a shock jock that's always looking for the next story to break. He dresses clean cut, but he always carries a recorder with him no matter what. He’s definitely older than 25, but swears he's 25 and
he's still holding on to this dream that one day he's going to be famous. Although he's handsome, he's not the person that people would date because of his lack of honesty. He,like the rest of the characters, has a hard time getting over what happened to him in his past – particularly with his father. His issues with his father and step-brother perpetuate his trust issues with men and make his personal motto a reality

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