Sunday, May 22, 2011

Andresflava celebrates 1,000th post: 6 years Blogging

Well 6 years in the game and I am still here. Who would have thought Little Ole Me the kid who didnt know any better would still be blogging and making a difference in the lives of so many people and bringing you guys stories from all over the country. This blog as I have said several times was started back in 2005 in the city I now reside in Brooklyn when I came to visit for the Black Gay Men's Health Summit that was taking place coinciding with Brooklyn Black Pride sponosored by then AIDS organization People of Color in Crisis. This is where I saw alot of the movers and shakers in the Black Gay LGBT community who were are leaders as well as making impacts and strives in the lives of so many youth. During the summit I met Keith Boykins, Shelton Jackson, Frank Roberts, David Malbranche, and a host of other leaders but right now those 4 folks stand out in my mind. Frank Roberts who I had been following his blog said If u have a voice U should use it to better the community and NOT stay silent so with that I went back to Miami, and Did just that and 6 years later, I am glad to have done it. I have covered most pride events along the East coast as well as took my first international trip outside of the country and have met so many folks in this short time all due to this blog and I say Thank You for inspiration, motivation, friendship, love, and kindness cause with out you I would not be here. Its great to be apart of an amazing blogsphere family regardless of our difference we all have respect for each others craft. Thank You to the other fellow bloggers, party promoters, authors,writers,activists,actors,rappers,singers, the entire LGBT community.