Monday, May 16, 2011

Anal Pap Smear and Why We As Black Gay Men Should Get It

So on last week I went to a new doctor here in NYC for my regular screening and during the intial visit with the doctor he suggested that I take a pap smear the male version which is an test to detect Anal Cancer also known as HPV. At first I was a little nervous but I went ahead with the procedure anyway which took all of 5 secs and in the end after doin research after the fact am now glad that I did do it. So here is a little info below on the reasoning YOU should do an Anal Pap Screening:

The practice of routine anal Pap screenings as part of HIV care is being considered after US researchers determined, as published in the latest edition of AIDS Patient Care and STDs, that the procedure is both appropriate and feasible for early detection of pre-cancerous cells.
HIV-infected people appear to be at a much higher risk of anal cancer, many cases of which result from infection with the human papillomavirus or HPV, but they are not routinely screened. It is hoped that by changing this rates will fall similar to how rates of cervical cancer fell after routine screening was introduced.
As in the case with all cancers, early detection of pre-cancerous cells can dramatically improve treatment and survival outlooks.
Abnormal anal cells were detected in 53% of patients. A low CD4 cell count was associated with abnormal cytology, but there was no relationship with anal intercourse.

Clinicians usually recommend that men who have sex with men, people who have HIV and those that have suffered from anal warts all get screened, however there exists no standard common practice for this, so introducing screenings as a part of regular HIV care practice would be a proactive step forward.
An anal Pap screening is usually carried out in much the same way as a cervical smear is undertaken but without need for the use of a speculum or anoscope. A small polyester Dacron swab is used to collect cell samples from the anal canal by swabbing the surfaces of the anus and rectum. Samples are then reviewed at a lab and a physician should be able to give the results of the screening within a few days. To find out more, please click here.

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