Wednesday, November 3, 2010



Guest post by Anthony Lorenzo

Crazy election night. I'm not gonna front, I was pulling for my girl Linda McMahon in CT. I do not support candidates, whether you're a democrat or a republican, who straight lie about their military service. Too many of our great men and women put their lives on the line for the freedoms we enjoy today. So, with that said, Dick Blumenthal (D) and Mark Kirk (R) may now proceed to serve their first terms in shame.

The 2010 midterm elections was not about democrat vs. republican...or witches, George Bush, aqua buddhas and latinos that look asian. It's about the hurt many are feeling in our country every day. This recession has been very painful, especially for those who never went through one before, too young to remember the recessions of the 80s. I'm sorry to inform you but Healthcare and Wall Street Bailouts did not pay the bills and put food on the table this year. Why was so much political capital spent by President Obama on Healthcare when that was not on people's minds? Why was the Wall Street Bailouts so important when it completely went against the fabric of our capitalist nation?

I have unshakeable faith that the President spent every waking night focusing on jobs. The only problem was is majority of Americans did not see that. Healthcare and bailouts is what they saw. A lot of focus on the middle east process is what they saw. A great speech in Cairo and a president still somewhat in campaign mode is what they saw. If you truly want Americans to support and know that you're fighting for them, you must put it in their face and say it with your chest. Assumptions is not a term that's easily acknowledged.

Respect the people's right to be heard (including the tea-party) and feel their pain like my man Bill Clinton used to do. And big props to Bill Clinton for putting party politics aside and showing democrats how it should be done. He stood by Kendrick Meek's side to the bitter end even though we all knew that he couldn't overcome the fascination many in Florida have with Marco Rubio who will definitely be a big star in the GOP.

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