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Yes from Author J. Omarr Tutler his latest book Justus will be turned into a series like you have never seen before and babe when i  tell u this is something we have all been waiting to see. For so long we have been complaining that there is nothing on TV about us and for us as in the black LGBT community well thats all about to change. Yes we had Noah's Arc and The DL Chronicles and a variety or gay theme movies from Dirty Laundry to Punks but never a television series like this that we leave you wanting more and more.  Season 1 will have 6 episodes so stay tuned to as we bring you JUSTUS THE SERIES exclusively with all the behind scenes action. Andresflava will be in NYC this weekend covering the auditions. To learn more about the author and to pick up his books go to
Time Saturday, November 6 · 11:30am - 6:30pm
Location LGBTQ Center in NYC
208 West 13th Street
New York, NY
Created By J Omarr Tutler, Jason Duvall Hunter, DJ Baker
More Info Calling All Male Actors

Looking for volunteer male actors between the ages of 20-35 for a, one of a kind,television pilot.
The show is a crime drama set in the drug underbelly of New York and New Jersey.

The show will follow the main character, an assassin, living a normal life during the day and takes out mark after mark in his other life at night.

Please be advised that all of the main characters are gay.
AUDITIONS are by appointment FIRST... IF you're a walk in you will be placed at the end of thee audition list if there is time.

Keep in mind the only guarantee is that once the series is picked up you will have a role...
To be considered for a time slot please send a head-shot and resume to
Please be sure to include an email address and phone number with your resume.
Character descriptions:
Justus Wright is the typical boy next door. He’s never been in trouble. Justus has had a few major loves in his life but has never really experienced the heart ache or heart break of the real world. Justus begins the series at the end of the book. During his flashbacks we see how he’s gone from an innocent boy in the world to the heartless, almost uncaring creature during the opening. In appearance Justus has shoulder length locks and very beautiful face. His build is a swimmers build. He looks like the innocent school boy type. Justus is 25 years of age and is trying to make in the world as an openly gay man. He works for a credit agency. Justus is the type of guy that sits in the corner at a party, but when you see him your eye immediately goes in his direction, unless he’s with his friends then he dances all night.

Stephen “Steph” Graham rivals the character Omar from the wire, in attitude. He looks to be almost the exact twin of Aries Spears with the attitude of Nino Brown. Growing up on the mean streets of Newark, New Jersey Steph had to develop a thick skin. Steph grew up in an area where being called gay was cause for a beat down. So, he figured he had to be bigger and badder than the baddest man on the block. Steph has an “I don’t give a fuck about anyone or anything, unless I do” attitude. The problem is when Steph does care about you he believes it should be till death or the police do us part. In the past Steph explosive attitude has caused ex lovers to bring about a restraining order. An Abusive lover, Steph rocks a bald head and has a body that looks like he hasn’t been in the gym in some time, but the definition of his arms is still there. Steph is twenty‐seven. Steph is hell bent on moving his way up Mega Corp and is willing to do whatever it takes to get to the top. Knowing that Mega Corp is a family driven organization he knows he has to find and keep a family if he has any hope of one day being the Hood.

Komari Greene puts you in the mind of Prince a little. He’s a brown skinned brother with a short haircut, almost a Julius Caesar. He has a calm and soothing presence whenever he’s in the room. Before Komari became the second head of Mega Corp he was Justus. He was the innocent boy next door trying to find love in all the wrong places. Unlike Justus, Komari has never been the type to sit quietly in a corner. Komari also has a slender frame. When he opens his mouth to speak it’s with a slight southern drawl like he’s lived in Georgia most of his life. Komari has changed since his beginnings at Mega Corp. Now, the lover of the Hood, Komari has almost become like the woman he hates. Seduced into the drug cartel by his love for Masai, Komari will do whatever is necessary to protect his family, but always manages to keep his hands clean.
Masai Greene is a reformed psycho bad boy, turned sincere love by the love of Komari. Masai has jet black locks that rest on his shoulder blades, a well built streetwise business man who only speaks when he needs to take control. He likes to sit in the background and watch things develop. He has a scar that goes from the corner of his mouth up to his ear and a tattoo of barbed wire on his right bicep. He’s the cool brother with a short fuse. Masai is the head of the organization. Ever since the death of his son Masai keeps the things he loves so close to him, so‐much‐so that sometimes he comes across as smothering. Don’t mistake his quiet nature for a sign of weakness.
Malik Charles is Justus’ current love. Malik and Justus had been friends as children until Malik’s parents moved away. Malik is another locked brother with an innocent face. He’s loved Justus since they were in elementary school and has never wanted anything but to see him safe. His body type is in between Justus and Masai’s, it’s a nice build but not overly done. He’s lived in Virginia for 9yrs so its southern accent is definitely pronounced. Malik is the ultimate good‐guy. He always does what is right and wants to make sure everyone else does as well, hence the dilemma for him being in a drug cartel. Malik wants to get Justus the redemption and escape that he needs but doesn’t want to be controlling enough to tell him what to do.
Rafael Vega‐ a villain and a streetwise Dominican kid with a sharp tongue and the knife skills to back it up. He’s about 5’9 but acts like he’s taller. Rafael wants Steph to himself and will stop at nothing to make sure he gets him.
Blaq‐ A rasta clad Jamaican with a bad attitude and an “I don’t care attitude.” He’s not afraid to die. He’s a sexier version of Shabba Ranks and whenever he steps into the room he strikes fear in the heart of anyone around him. Rafael is the ultimate con‐artist and manipulator. He wants to come between Steph and Justus because he feels like he would make Steph happier than he’s ever been.
Jennifer Love‐ Komari’s coke addicted best friend in the world. They’ve been friends since before Komari and Masai met. Jennifer is a drag performer in New York City in the process of getting breasts. She speaks her mind while puffing on a NewPorte. She’s a dark brown cutie who a biting criticism for every occasion that she masks as a joke. Underneath it all there is a little bit of Jealousy that Jennifer has for Komari because Komari got the big man while Jennifer go Jo‐Jo.

Jo‐Jo Daniels‐ A streetwise hustler trying to come up in the business. At 5’5 Jo‐Jo commands respect from all of those around him, even is his drag girlfriend Jennifer. Jo‐Jo worships the ground that Jennifer walks her Stilhetto Minolo Bloniks on and will do anything to make sure she’s safe, even hide her $1,000, a day coke habit.

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