Saturday, May 8, 2010

Review: Boi 2.0 in Miami- Identity Crisis

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Wassup Bloga-sphere! I hope everyone is enjoying their spring. Summer is not too far away. It seems here in South Florida we have jumped from a cold winter to a sweltering summer, and forgot about spring. It's unbearably hot already in Miami, so if you are coming down for Memorial Day, be sure to bring your shorts and leave the furs at home.

Me and my good friend had the opportunity to visit Boi 2.0, two weeks ago. I know several people have been asking for the review, so here it is. My overall grade for Boi 2.0 is a C+. And here are my reasons why. As many of you know Club Boi's management had a falling out, splitting the original Club Boi establishment into two locations. Yes, a hot mess! However it seems the old club on NW 79th St/NW7th Ave has now closed their doors or will be closing soon according to a reliable source. The new location Boi 2.0 is now located at NE 79th St/NE 7th Ave. Appears like the address are close, right? Well they are. About a mile or so down the same street, but the clubs couldn't be more different.

Boi 2.0 gives you a upscale type of vibe, which some of the "boys" are not feeling. I asked several of my friends, after I visited the club, "what do you think of Boi 2.0." The common reply is "it's aiight." I think this response comes from the atmosphere of the club. It is not the "hood club" of old, anymore. However some patrons frequented the old establishment for that "hood" type of feel. They wanted it. I know it seems weird, but makes sense. Club Boi has been around for several years and to do a complete 180 degree turn, is kind of shocking. You walk into Boi 2.0 and you would think you were on South Beach. The club is VERY nice. Two rooms, nice outside patio area, 2 bars, 2 dance floors, valet parking and a VIP area. Some of old faces are there, such as Dj Galvin T, and Dias, however there are alot of NEW faces. I think these changes have hurt Boi 2.0 in a way. They are now 21 years old entry only, and its has lost some of it's charm. Alot of the bar employees, I have never seen in my life. And yes, the club is "aiight". I did have nice time, but the feel of the club was different. I think, myself and many others will have to get used to this NEW Boi 2.0

Yes, the old Club Boi location was hood. And Yes, I had my car broken into at the old location, which will be unlikely to happen at the new location. However the Boi of old, is not like the Boi of new. Two different clubs, two different feelings. Almost to the point it seems they might be starting over with the clientele base. They have been SEVERAL patrons complaining about the unusually high cover. At one point, I think there were charging $20. That for me is a HELL-TO-THE-NAWH! But I think management has been taking notice, and it has been FREE cover, with a 2-drink minimum the past couple of weeks, which is more reasonable, especially if you are trying to build back up your business. Drinks were reasonable. And the bartenders do hook you up. The night I went to the club, there was a decent crowd but not like the old Boi. I think it could also be the space is bigger.

Boi 2.0 will be on Memorial Day Weekend in Miami club list. I will be visit there again. Check it out and tell me what you think.

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Unknown said...

Interesting. Good review! Im happy for Gavin and Dias on their move. As much as I love the old spot, nothing is more dooming to a promoter than to be "stuck" and categorized as "the club in the hood" for the rest of your life.

People can still have a good time and party HARD in a nicer club. Prime example here in ATL was Vita. Vita was considered the upscale 21 & up party spot and was very nice but the the kids partied HARD still. Vita cover price was $10-$15 every Saturday (non holidays) and the drinks were $10 (unquestionably). Atlanta LIVED for Vita EVERY SINGLE WEEEKEND! Unfortunately, the owner of the restaurant/bar decided to do something different after he got out of debt from his restarant side of the business thanks to the pouring of money that came from WassupNATL Saturday night LIV @ Vita partys! But anybody in ATL will tell you there hasn't been a mid-scale club like Vita since. So the 21 & up urban Miami gay crowd has to be open-minded and realize that they're not 18 anymore and they can still party HARD in a new environment.

Definitely will be some growing pains with the new club. I think they will do well Saturday of Memorial weekend.