Saturday, May 8, 2010

Congrats to Jon Mack-Garrett and Michael Mack-Garrett

On Friday morning here in DC my good friends Jon & Mike got married inside of the supieror court house building in a small ceremony with family and friends. The couple has been together for bout 2 yrs now and jon proposed to mike last november and i are in the process of adopting and starting a family. Below are a few pics from the ceremony.


algie said...

real black gay love is sooooooooooo easy on the eyes.i am so happy for them and wish gods protection over the bond

Ashley V. said...

Congratulations to Jon & Michael Mack-Garrett. I remember seeng them featured in loldarian's "Coupled Up" series. I am happy that they are married & I wish them all the best. It's nice to know they want to start a family.