Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Confession

When i first saw him i was like yes this is the one that i have been long for and yearning for all my life. He came in an swept me off me feet, in the begining everything was heaven. Long walks on the beach, eating out at fancy upscale restaraunts and lavish shopping sprees. He gave me everything i wanted and need physically mentally and emotionally. 6 months into the relationship is when it started to go down hill. One night as i laid asleep is whn he took advantage of me and raped and bat me up for no reason but the story doesnt end there that was just the begining of a wirl wind of events.

Confessions pt. 2
The abused lasted for 4 years as i was physically,emotionally, and mentally abused by the man who at one point in time cared for me and said he loved me and i in return the same for him. But everytime i saw him hatred built up inside of me so much hatred i thought i would explored or turn into my alter-ego which i didnt want too do. For 4 long years i was held captive in side of our beautiful 6 bedroom 5 bath home over looking the ocean. I stayed for him because i had no other choice but to stay. i had no friends and family he turned me against the only people that loved me. He said it was only the 2 of us and we would conquer the world together. During these 4 years i didnt work since i got everything my heart dreamed and he said i didnt have to work. He didnt want to see my working hard busting my ass from 9-5 everyday. But why why why what could i do to escape the grips of this life that is cold and lonely now. All i have is me and no one else is was time to do something what i have no idea, but all i knew it was time to get the hell out of dodge quick fast and in a hurry........

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Rodrigo Zambia Cruz said...

My God Today, As you look back over your life and you see all the things that you have been through, and endured, you can truly say that God has been with, and you are still here. I celebrate you. Much Love R.