Sunday, March 29, 2009

WMC Comes To A Close on South Beach

From the Desk of King in Miami

A single word can sum up five nights of partying both day and night - WOW! The Winter Music Conference enters into it's final day and it appears it didn't skip a beat. Most hotels and event planners have been reporting average to above average crowds for this year's WMC. I had a great time and actually partied every night except last night. I was beat. If ever the chance, you should make plans definitely to attend next year's event.

Alot of people over the past few days have asked, "But what exactly is the Winter Music Conference?" The WMC all centers around dance music and the dance music industry. This event actually has been in existence since 1985. Most of the dance and trance music heard over this past weekend is unreleased, and will be the same music heard over the radio and in clubs throughout the world for the next 6 to 8 months. That is what makes the conference so cool. Hear the music of tommorrow, today! The WMC is not a straight event, not a gay event, it's really a MUSIC event, with the vast majority of the parties, events, and clubs being FREE or with a low cover. You can always purchase a VIP badge, and attend just about everything for FREE. But there are also seminars and lectures about the music industry, what is happening in the industry, learn how to scratch records, etc, etc, and the list goes on. The DJ's who attend the conference are world famous and more than likely you have heard their music on the radio or club, such at the Martinez Brothers out of NYC and Ian Friday out of Brooklyn. The Black Eyed Peas also performed at this year Ultra Music Festival and P. Diddy was spotted at one of the conference events.

And on a sidenote, our gay pride promoters could learn alot from this event. It seems GREED has crippled and some cases (Pride in the City) destroyed some of our most celebrated Prides. *Will discuss more in detail later* The WMC was totally about the music and nothing came before that. Music blasting on the streets of South Beach, in convienence stores, coffeeshops, and clubs, MUSIC was always forefront and everywhere. It's seems a little bit over the top. But you basically couldn't go anywhere without hearing the music. This attitude is something our pride promoters should invest in. Making sure nothing comes before "Pride", not money, not greed, nor themselves.

The Winter Music Conference was a great success and I look forward to next's year event. Bring on the music!

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