Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Top 5 Things NOT to Do During Spring Break in Miami

From the Desk of King in Miami

Spring Break is in FULL Swing on South Beach. It's a welcome sight to hotel operators, club owners and the Miami tourist industry. With the first slumping tourist season since the 9/11 attacks, Miami welcomes college kids although sometimes rowdy with open arms.


5. Don't assume everyone in the South Beach gay club is "gay". Remember this is Spring Break, alot of curious straight people will wonder into the gay club trying to see wassup. Straight people always say we know how to party.

4. Don't come to South Beach broke. YES, we are in a recession, but South Beach and the clubs can be a little pricey if you are not prepared. Do your research. Alot of clubs offer Free before midnight, and open bar before 11pm. So scope out the hot spots.

3. Don't go to nightclub in sandals. #1 Fashion No-No. Your feet will get step-on and everyone including me will be looking at you crazy. Most clubs on South Beach will not let you in with sneakers or sandals on. Dress to impress is the rule on South Beach.

2. Don't expect all the hot clubs to be in South Beach only. Club Boi, the Vault, Discoketecka are not in South Beach, but rather in Downtown Miami and in the City of Miami. So if you want to visit the hot black gay spots, expect to pay for a cab or get a rental car for the weekend.

1. Don't come to Miami with no fake furs or FURS at all. Miami is in the TROPICS! It will be hot and it has been warm and humid the past couple of weeks. Yes, it is March but for Miami, think tank tops, shorts, and sandals during the day. Long pants, short sleeves, and dressy t-shirts at night. And maybe an umbrella for the occasional tropical downpour.

See ya in Miami. Holla!

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