Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A Day in the Life of Justin Smith Writer of GBM News

First i want to than Blogger Darian Aaron of www.loldarian.com for sharing the story the of Justin B. Smith if you do not know who he is he is a senior contributing writer for Gay Black Men News www.gbmnews.com and last week he revealed his HIV status to his readers. Below is his video blog and also other video blogs
chronicolizing his steps to starting HIV meds. I am posting this in hopes that people will be able to his what people living with HIV/AIDS have to go through on a daily basis. As for me living with the virus going on 5 years this October i commend justin for stepping outside of the box and spreading the word that HIV is not a death sentence and every day regular people are dealing with it. So to justin i say stay strong and stay encourage. You have a rough few weeeks ahead of you as you start the meds and your body starts to adjust to them but after that hump you will be fine.

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Anonymous said...

Andre this is Justin B Smith and I wanted to personally thank you for posting my journal thank you for spreading the word. I hope what I'm doing benefits others