Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Writing Challenge: My Suicidial Letter

As a challenge as part of a writing group am in i was told to write my suicidal letter so here goes. Just prefacing so not to scare folks.... I am alive and well and have never thought of killing my self but i had to go to a very far and deep place and when i did this is what came up, To the people that i hold dear to my heart i thank you for letting me be apart of your life. Life has been an roller coaster that I can no longer live anymore. I wake up daily trying to keep a smile on my face but on the inside I dead and have been dead for years now but every day i muster up the strength to open my eyes and continue the work of the people because I have too continue making a difference in society and be something that sometimes is hard to be and smile. I can not take the pain and hurt anymore. So this is my farewell song its been fun while it latest. Dont be sad for me I did my work and I am happy for the time being on this earth all i ask is that you all do the work of the people and continue to smile everyday.

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