Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tha Life: "Atlanta": Black Gay Reality Show coming to TV!

Tha Life: Atlanta the new series which is the Black Gay version of popular Bravo fanchise Housewives series as well LOGO A- List just debuted their 5 minute trailer and this looks like it will be alot of drama as the series takes a look at the lives of 5 Atlanta men who live their lives on the down-low. Peep out the trailer below by clicking on the link. This look like another stereotypical look what the life of black gay men are not to be precieved and paints another black eye for us.

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realshine said...

When i heard NY was coming with a gay reality show call "A-LIST" I became excited and had my VCR set to record every bit of it. Halfway through the series I was tired of watching the show which was loaded and running all over the place with no concrete message. I am looking froward to "THA LIFE" and I hope there is a great message line which you all will stick to and deliver to the gay community locally, nationwide and world-wide and not just the gossip and all the wrong and dark side of gay lifestlye in ATL. Thanks for the thought and dedication in getting the show on the road and looking forward in seeing something different.Thanks in advance,Robert