Sunday, April 25, 2010

March Madness- I LOVE MY LIFE!

From the Desk of King in Miami
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Wassup Blog-a-sphere! I hope everyone is enjoying the warm weather, Spring is officially here. YEAH! I sorry I have been off the map for a while. March was truely mad for me. I was promoting for Soul Unleashed at the Vault Miami. I had to make a MAD dash to Omaha, Nebraska, where I was asked by a hot new Atlanta designer, Alex Holliman to MC his Farrier Bell Fashion Show. I also was in rehearsals to perform at the Miami Dade Youth Fair, while hosting 3 New York City DJs and enjoying the Winter Music Conference on South Beach. It was truely March Madness at its best. But I enjoyed it! Of course, I have lots of pictures. Here are a few! Thanks to DJ Action Jackson, DJ FM, DJ Dat Gurl, DJ Blaze, and Vault Miami for hosting Soul Unleashed! I have more blogs and announcements coming soon....stayed tuned! I'm in Miami B*&*%!

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