Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Janet RETURNS to MTV with MJ Tribute THIS SUN!

According to www.Xemvanadams.com

It has NOW been reported that JANET JACKSON WILL TAKE THE STAGE at This Sunday’s 2009 MTV Video Music Awards!

Janet will perform an entire Song & Dance medly, dedicated to the life & times of her Brother, Pop Icon; Michael Jackson. Janet has been working alongside the likes of Major, Industry Choreographers who include Frank Gatson, Travis Payne & Wade Robson. Frank is best known for his collaborations alongside Beyonce & Usher, as Travis Payne is the man responsible for piecing together much of the dance routines that would have created Michael’s THIS IS IT tour. The entire dedication will consist of Janet, backed by a slew of 20 other dancers. Rehearsals have been vigorous, lasting between 10-15 hours per day.

THIS is the performance that’s going to resurrect Janet’s Career. Janet has NOT been allowed to perform on MTV since the 2004 Superbowl Fiasco, which in essence has hurt her appeal, sales and public notoriety. Janet is now being looked upon to carry the Jackson Legacy. I truly believe, in my heart, that this next album from Janet, will solidify her ICON status. Her best music stems from sadness and depression, i.e. 1997’s VELVET ROPE album. As Janet has FINALLY returned to strictly working alongside her Majestic Team of Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, Im xpecting a MAJOR come-back of sorts. EVERYONE is going to be interested in listening to the lyrics of her music, ESPECIALLY since she is also rumored to have split with long time boyfriend and music collaborater, Jermaine Dupree.


QH said...

I think are putting a lot of unneeded pressure onto Janet Jackson's shoulders. I would agree that she made one of her most creative statements out of emotional frustration, "The Velvet Rope," but she had many other creative/commercial/critical wins with material not as dark.

Just because MJ has passed on, doesn't necessarily mean that she will do a record of introspective material by default, or that her pairing with J&T (who only were not present on "Discipline") will restore her commercial appeal.

Personally, Janet never lost her stride, she was unfairly blacklisted & the records she's done post-"All For You," especially "Damita Jo" were fantastically winning records despite negative, and bias opinion from some.

Either way, I'm happy to see Janet doing her thing, and she'll put it down just like she has been for 25+ years.-QH

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