Sunday, March 14, 2010

Life As a Promoter- The Series- Part 1

From the Desk of King in Miami
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Afternoon socialites and blog-a-sphere! As promised here is my series on “Life as a Promoter”. I hope it will provide some insight into my life as a promoter and experiences I have over the past year. This series does not include every challenge but just a small portion. But to fully explain everything, it’s always a good idea to start at the beginning. I know my blogs in the past have been very controversial and I don’t want any gauntlets thrown this time around. I tried my best to speak in very vague terms, not to offend anyone or an organization. But I not going to be cute, I going to give it to you rough and without the fluff.

A year ago, many of you may have noticed, I kind of fell off the blog-a-sphere due to a couple of life-changing events. I wasn’t working with AndresFlava as much, and my life was kind of up-side-down. My youngest brother was tragically murdered back home and it blind-sided me. The loss really tore at my heart and still does two years later. Then a few months later a good friend of mine, Terry died unexpectedly. I really had a crush on him, and I was building up the nerve, to ask him out. I was getting to know him; he had invited me to his fabulous birthday party in this mansion on the beach and so on. There wasn’t a weekend; I didn’t see Terry leading up to his death. It was a double whammy. We all have these life altering events, but we must learn from them, grow, and continue to live our lives. But for some strange reason, I couldn’t pick myself up and move on. Call it depression, call it a little bit of anxiety about the future, call it what you want. There was something that was preventing me from moving forward. So, in this search to find my niche and move on with my life, the Vault Miami happened.

When all this was occurring, the Vault Miami sprung up in Downtown Miami. If you have been following AndresFlava or me on Twitter, I am always saying something about the Vault. I promote their events and the events of my own for good reason. I became one of their “official” promoters last year. The Vault has been open a little over a year now, which is a major accomplishment for a club in Miami. Most clubs close down within 6 months of opening so, how did we get to this point.

The Vault had just opened and was closed for a few weeks after their grand opening, while dealing with “red tape” with the city. Up to this point, the Vault was really catching on. The crowd was getting larger and larger each week. Then they were closed abruptly and re-opened a few weeks later. But by this time the momentum had been lost. The crowd was not coming anymore and the Vault was struggling to get their crowd back. So shortly after Sizzle, myself and another mutual friend, approached DJ Blaze, one of the owners, and asked, “Do you guys need help with promoting”. And he replied, “Yes”. The owners had confided in me that they were a little brand-new to the nightlife industry and needed some help with the promotion aspect. After working at Nocturnal, another club, for a short spell, I decided to lend my expertise to the Vault and help get their numbers up. Working as a promoter has had its ups and downs. Promoting has been a good outlet for me to put a lot of things in perspective and was a welcome distraction for me, when it seems everything in my life was going wrong. However the promoting has not been all rosy. Part 2 coming....

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